Doula Voices

“I give her back the trust she has within herself. Their minds and bodies are so powerful. They have that strength within. It’s not in the books, the doctors, or me. It’s in them. I’m there to guide it, but it’s being pushed away by fear, by society, by being put down. So they don’t believe in themselves.”

“A lot of them, it’s like their words have been taken away. Things happen to them, and they become passive. They don’t see any way out.  I figure if we don’t teach them, then they’re not going to be able to teach their children”.

“You have to nurture the mother so she can nurture the baby.”

“When women feel nurtured during their childbearing, they are able to extend that care to their infants, which is particularly important for women who have had difficult lives.”

“I treat each client as if she was a sister or a close friend. That kind of intimacy is what makes the mother-doula relationship work.”

“Being a doula... this has helped accentuate who I really am. How strong I am. And how the more we give, the more we receive.”

“A person that’s gonna come to you for help is not coming to be judged. You judge them – and they’ll know it right away. And they’ll turn around and leave. And you’ll never see them again. Then you won’t be helping anyone.”

“They grab you, and they won’t let go.”

“I learned that the things I have to give to these girls are priceless. They’re having these babies, and they think that they don’t have anything to give. But they do. The baby comes out. All the things the baby needs are priceless. It needs the mother’s nutrition, the warmth, the love. Everything that money can’t buy.  So they do have a lot to offer. So I hope I get that message across to them.”

 “I got the call for this birth, and I’ve never been at this hospital before. As I was driving there I was praying, ‘please God, don’t let this hospital give me trouble. I know that this girl’s really going to need me at her birth, and I hope that they let me up there. And that the nurses treat me decent so that I can help her.”

 “We had some challenges in the beginning, but change is challenging.”

Quotes from Sharing Our Stories, 2004.