A priority of Illinois Birth Justice is to raise public awareness of issues related to mass incarceration. Below you will find a variety of resources, including videos, interviews, webinars, podcasts, radio programs, articles, links to websites and organizations, and much more.

Annotated Bibliography: Causes and Consequences of Mass Incarceration
This annotated bibliography includes hundreds of articles and other resources organized into 18 areas, including Race, Class, and Law Enforcement; Social Determinants of Health; Housing Policy, The Wealth Gap, and Mass Incarceration; the Bail Trap and Prison Debt… and its impact: Criminalization of Pregnancy; Children of Incarcerated Parents; Breastfeeding and Incarceration; and others. 

Minnesota Prison Doula Project
The Birth Justice Project
MomMobile – Maternity Care Coalition
Alabama Prison Birth Project
Michigan Prison Doula Initiative
Birth Companions

Incarcerated & Pregnant | Promoting the Health of Mothers and Babies
How to Start a Prison Doula Project
Isis Rising: Prison Doula Program at Shakopee Women's Prison
Prison Doula Project: Positive Outcomes (Washington) 
Videos: Convening on Pregnancy in Correctional Settings 

Intervening with Pregnant Women Incarcerated at Jail: Dr. Danielle H. Dallaire
"Pregnancy and Parenting Support for Women in Prison": Rebecca Shlafer
"Research Perspectives on Parental Incarceration": Rebecca Shlafer

Testif-i A new multimedia initiative that aims to transform the public dialogue on mass incarceration through storytelling and the lived experiences of formerly incarcerated women.
Mass Incarceration, Visualized
20/20 Diane Sawyer: A Nation of Women Behind Bars
Babies Born, Raised Behind Bars May Keep Mothers From Returning to Prison
Mothers of Bedford Documentary Film (clip). Mothers of Bedford follows five women incarcerated at New York's only maximum security prison, Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.
Michigan Breastfeeding Network: Breastfeeding and Incarceration Video
Survived and Punished, Educational Resources These short videos provide a glimpse of stories of criminalized survivors of sexual and domestic violence and the grassroots efforts to free them.
Healing Neen The transcendent story of Tonier “Neen” Cain’s emergence from drug addiction, multiple incarcerations and two decades of homelessness to become a tireless advocate and educator on the devastating impact of childhood abuse . . and the need to rethink how we treat the shattered adults severely traumatized children become.
The Sentence First-time filmmaker Rudy Valdez’s The Sentence tells the story of his sister Cindy Shank, a mother of three who received a 15-year mandatory sentence for conspiracy charges related to her deceased ex-boyfriend’s crimes. The documentary offers a searing look at the at the consequences of mandatory minimum sentencing and received critical acclaim when it premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.
Learning from Europe? Prisons, Punishment, and American Exceptionalism How, to what extent, and why has criminal justice become so much harsher in the U.S. than in similar countries? Based on a comparison of France, Germany, and the U.K., this talk seeks to show just how much the U.S. has changed over the past four decades.
Blaming Mothers: American Law and the Risks to Children’s Health | Linda Fentiman, Professor at the Elisabeth Haub Law School at Pace University. Today American mothers are criminalized more than ever from conception and pregnancy, to birth and beyond. How did it get this way and where is this dangerous trend heading?

PODCAST: How to reduce the U.S. prison population by nearly half 
“The Number of Women in Prison is Rising. Why?”
Can doulas make a difference?
Doula Support For Pregnant Women Could Improve Care, Reduce Costs
The Radio Project's Making Contact Audio Series: a) The Light Inside: Giving Birth Behind Bars; b) A Visit to a Prison Nursery; c) Prison Doulas- Supporting Pregnant Women Behind Bars
Audio Story, Prison Doulas-Supporting Pregnant Women Behind Bars
Radio Public, Shows About Incarceration Curated by the team behind 70 Million, a new open-source podcast about criminal justice reform from Lantigua Williams & Co. Here, they present a collection of podcasts that look at incarceration inside and outside prisons.
National Public Radio National Public Radio, Special Series: Discipline and Women in Prison (Oct 14-17, 2018):
1) Investigation: In U.S. Prisons, Women Punished More Often than Men In Prison, Discipline Comes Down Hardest on Women; 2) In Prison, Discipline Comes Down Hardest on Women; 3) Iowa is Trying to Address the Disparity in How Men and Women are Disciplined in Prison; 4) In Iowa, A Commitment to Make Prison Work Better for Women.
Podcast: Terrible, Thanks for Asking Episode #39: Natalie
Pregnant Behind Bars: What We Do And Don't Know About Pregnancy And Incarceration
After 6 Prison Terms, A Former Inmate Helps Other Women Rebuild Their Lives | May 16, 2017; Fresh Air, NPR
Life of the Law Shorts #23 - Of Prison and Pregnancy | The United States incarcerates six times as many women as it did thirty years ago. Many of these women are already mothers, and four percent of incarcerated women enter prison pregnant. What happens to the babies born in the correctional system? What happens to the children left behind, as their mothers serve out their sentences?
Life of the Law Shorts - Of Prison and Pregnancy
'Charged' Explains How Prosecutors and Plea Bargains Drive Mass Incarceration: Close to 2.2 million people were incarcerated in the U.S. in 2016; author Emily Bazelon says prosecutors — not judges — are responsible for many of the prison sentences defendants receive.

Women, Incarcerated: Investigative Series Shows Systemic Abuses of Women in Prisons and Jails
WORTH (Women On the Rise Telling Her Story) is an advocacy/consultant group comprised of currently & formerly incarcerated women, who have the expertise and understanding to engage, navigate and challenge policy and perceptions concerning incarcerated women.
National Women’s Law Center  Mothers Behind Bars: A state-by-state report card and analysis of federal policies on conditions of  confinement for pregnant and parenting women and the effect on their children.
Vera Institute of Justice 
Incarceration Resources 
National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women
“Improving Healthcare for Incarcerated Women”
National Advocates for Pregnant Women
Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Childbirth
International Network for Perinatal (PTSD) Research
Michigan Breastfeeding Network. Breastfeeding and Incarceration Toolkit
Equal Justice Initiative
Recovery Research Institute Restore Justice Foundation
U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections
The Sentencing Project
Incarceration Reform
Association for Justice-Involved Females and Organizations
PIPS Pregnancy in Prison Statistics
National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls
Prison Policy Initiative

Bibliography of Resources about Caring for Children of Incarcerated Parents
Incarceration Tool Kit | Sesame Street: Little Children, Big Challenges: Nylo Talks about Incarceration
American Bar Association: Center on Children and the Law > Project Areas > Parent Representation Written Materials
Parenting Inside Out
National Coalition for Child Protection Reform
FREE (Freedom House Reentry Education and Employment Corp.) is a not-for-profit organization that provides wraparound services to formerly incarcerated adults, veterans and their children. Children With Incarcerated Parents (CWIP)
Echoes of Incarceration is an award-winning documentary initiative produced by youth with incarcerated parents. The project explores the issue of mass incarceration and its effects on families, and creates documentary films told from the life experiences of the filmmakers themselves.

Zero to Three: "Early connections last a lifetime"
Vroom: "Using cutting-edge science to help parents unlock their brain-building powers" provides FREE tools to maximize all children's motor, sensory, and communication developmens
Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University: InBrief: The Science of Early Childhood Development. Watch the overview video
Words to Share with Parents of Newborns, a blog by Lurie Children’s Hospital

Cabrini Green Legal Aid
Cabrini Green Legal Aid/Visible Voices I am Somebody
Women’s Justice Initiative
Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law
Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
The John Howard Association  
Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities (TASC)
Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration
Chicago Volunteer Doulas
New Moms
Families Organizing for Child Welfare Justice
Postpartum Depression Alliance of Illinois
Uptown Peoples Law Center
EverThrive Illinois
Survivors Alliance for Healing & Justice 

IBJ Resources on Google Drive
Alternative Sentencing
Breastfeeding and Incarceration
Children of Incarcerated Parents
Criminalization of Pregnant Women
Healthcare for Pregnant Incarcerated Women
Heroin & Opioid Trends: 1) Drug Policy & History in the US; 2) Drug Use and Women
Housing Policy, the Wealth Gap, and Mass Incarceration
Impact of Breastfeeding on Maternal Health
Incarceration: 1) The Economic Burden of Incarceration; 2) Incarceration and LGBTQ
National Network of Prison Doula Projects
Pregnancy, Substance Abuse, Incarceration
Prison Nurseries
Prison Visits
Race, class, and law enforcement
Research - Doulas
Social Determinants of Health
The Bail Trap and Prison Debt
Women in Prison